November 08, 2014

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I popped this little snap up on my Instagram and Twitter today and figured I should share it on here too. My home is so important to me and I love it so much.

It's taken three and a half months to finally get a new sofa cover. The sofa was here when I moved in and it's a now-retired design from Ikea called Ektorp Pixbo. It's a huge sofa bed which is brilliant and why I didn't just want to replace it. After lots of stalking on eBay I finally managed to find a new cover for it which was brand new and cream. I thought it might never happen!


October 18, 2014

I've got some new bedding and I couldn't not show you. It's too pretty.

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It's the new Chantilly Cream range from Christy and it is just so beautiful. Every little inch is embroidered - at first glance it just looks like plain white bedding (which you know I love) but the closer you get the more amazing you can see it is. I've topped it off with the Christy Sumatra Charcoal cushion which is so me; a gorgeous ombre grey cushion.


October 15, 2014

My boyfriend is very much a man's man. He has a beard, he plays rugby and he drinks rum. Needless to say, when I met him, he had no idea what a skincare routine even was, never mind actually owning any products. Oh how things have changed with me in his life!

The lovely folk at Kiehl's kitted him out with a full regime that looks a little something like this.
   photo IMG_7162_zps5a8ef411.jpg

Face wash and scrub for the shower, a lot of moisturiser and an eye treatment. His eyes in particular are really crepe-y in texture so although he's more reluctant to use the Eye Alert, I keep trying to force him into it, knowing he'll thank me in a few years' time.

Four products for a man is actually quite a comprehensive skincare routine, as far as I can gather from my friends' boyfriends. But it does make me laugh seeing his skincare shelf vs my skincare shelf.

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I'm a huge Kiehl's skincare junkie, as you can probably tell and probably already know. Thus the majority of my skincare does come from there. I just love it and think it does a great job without being over fussy. My absolute hero product is the Midnight Recovery Concentrate which I think is wholly responsible for my current clear skin. In terms of additions, I've got a new pot of the Emma Hardie cleansing balm (love!) and I've started trying out the Origins Spot Remover after seeing so many beauty blogs raving about it and never having tried it.

Just thought I'd share! Does the man in your life bother at all or does he secretly delve into your skincare stash when you're not looking?


October 12, 2014

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I left work and jumped on the tube to Kings Cross, off on a weekend adventure. Sometimes I do feel a little like I need to escape London and I really relish little weekends away. The more the merrier, I say. We jumped on the Grand Central train to York (first class, swish) to begin our weekend of R&R at Jollydays.

By the time we arrived at our destination it was pitch black. And this wasn't a hotel in York, this was a tent in the woods, so when I say pitch black I mean pitch black. Our cab dropped us off at Buttercrambe woods and we found a wooden hut with a sign in the window saying sorry that they had missed us but to collect our matches and firelighters from the neighbouring tent. We managed to find a basket with my name on using our iPhones for light and head off in search of our place for the weekend.

We eventually found our tent and I set to work lighting all of the tea lights I could possibly find to give us some much needed light. James got the fire going and I prioritised food and hot water bottles.

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 photo IMG_6980_zps8f9dfece.jpg
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I'd put in an order a few days prior for a pheasant pot on our arrival. I have to say the food provided was the absolute highlight of the whole weekend. It was superb and I'd urge you not to take your own food but to fork out for the good stuff because it's worth every penny. We received pheasant in the most gorgeous sauce with a loaf of freshly made bread and homemade butter. Whilst I prepared the dinner, James made the gins.

 photo IMG_6994_zpsff6873aa.jpg  photo IMG_6998_zps3157e67f.jpg

We curled up on the sofa in front of the fire chatting until we crashed into bed.
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October in Yorkshire is not warm and with no central heating, it's worth popping a few hot water bottles in your bed or pulling the duvet over to the sofa. You need all the heat you can get. It made the whole experience so cosy and a little festive (too early?) - I loved it.

We woke up in the morning.. just about heaving ourselves out of the four poster bed. Whilst James entertained himself, I got to making breakfast. We'd also ordered a breakfast basket for each morning - fresh bread, fresh butter, eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes. Divine.

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 photo IMG_7014_zps130e3664.jpg  photo IMG_7017_zps0e56c3d7.jpg

Rather than have a shower, I took full advantage of the roll top bath. We don't have a bath at home so this was something of a luxury - even though it was in a shed inside a tent. Bizarre experience!

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We spent the day in York picking up bits and pieces, enjoying a cheeky cocktail and wandering through The Shambles before returning.
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Arriving back at the tent, we found this on our doorstep as well as another breakfast basket.
   photo IMG_7067_zpsd9bc7174.jpg

Without doubt, this is genuinely one of the most delicious meals I've ever eaten. We had duck which had been marinating for 24 hours with potato and onion skewers, all cooked by James on the BBQ. There was of course another freshly made loaf and a jar of local 'boozy chutney'. I was thoroughly impressed. We finished with baked pears and cream.
   photo IMG_7073_zpseac08586.jpg photo IMG_7079_zps00047271.jpg  photo IMG_7082_zps65aef2b8.jpg

I didn't wear make-up all weekend and it was so lovely.
   photo IMG_7083_zps306beea8.jpg photo IMG_7095_zpse2a49013.jpg

Waking up on Sunday morning, and having to go home was a little bit sad to be honest. We decided to go for an exploration around the forest. With a cup of tea in hand, of course.
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   photo IMG_7105_zps997687f7.jpg  photo IMG_7121_zpsd236f5d9.jpg  photo IMG_7134_zps68e19672.jpg  photo IMG_7141_zps68962f77.jpg

The most relaxing and enjoyable weekend I've had in such a long time. I can't recommend Jollydays enough. They're closing shortly for the winter months but put a trip in your spring plans - it's ever so good for the soul. I will be heading back as soon as I can.


October 11, 2014

I have the pleasure of working in Shoreditch. If you don't know London, it's a little bit 'cooler' and edgier than central London, where I used to work. I recently got invited for a pedicure at Cheeky (the little sister of Cowshed, one of my favourite brands and spas) just round the corner from my office and it was satisfyingly 'cool' too.

Check it out…

 photo IMG_3600_zps3d946bfc.jpg  photo IMG_3601_zps15f6e657.jpg  photo IMG_3605_zpse95824ed.jpg

You start by picking your chosen colour from the 'shop' area. Best part? You get to keep the colour, so pick wisely. I chose Peachy Keen, a lovely pinky, corally, orangey shade. Accurate description!?

 photo IMG_3603_zps9af010f0.jpg  photo IMG_3606_zps65aa2d65.jpg

Before your feet are soaked, scrubbed and buffed and your toes are trimmed, tidied, smoothed and polished…
   photo IMG_3608_zpsf4d805af.jpg

I was left with gorgeous peachy keen tootsies for only £20 which in London, is an absolute steal. Cheeky also do blow dries so I can definitely see me popping in for one of those very soon.

Thanks Cheeky!


September 28, 2014

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Genuinely, when I spotted an email in my inbox  offering me a Dyson to review and keep, it was like the heavens had opened and the angels were singing. I've never had a Dyson and had heard such ridiculously positive praise about them that I'd had one on my 'grown up wish list' for a long time.

Better still, this is the Digital Slim. It's tiny (so fits in what limited storage space I have), it's cordless so no hassle and it's charge lasts for 26 minutes - enough for me to hoover the whole of our one bed flat. I whip it out whenever I spill anything, if I just spot a particularly dusty corner or indeed if I'm doing the full flat.

We had a handheld hoover already, as well as a Miele, but I always reach out for this beauty when I need to get stuff sorted and quickly. Which is all of the time! For me, cleaning really needs to fit around mine and my boyfriend's super busy lifestyle. We were actually discussing this afternoon how we only manage to have a proper clean when we have the pressure of his parents popping in for a cup of tea or friends coming round for a roast!

You can buy from John Lewis and it is thoroughly worth the price tag.


August 31, 2014

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I adore candles. I adore NEOM candles. I've enjoyed them for such a long time and I've always loved every scent I've had. This is a new one from them - it's called Complete Bliss, and is a combination of Moroccan Blush Rose, Lime & Black Pepper.

Tanya had this burning in her home when I popped round, and I couldn't stop saying how much I loved it. I decided I had to have one for myself and have not stopped burning it since it arrived.

It sounds like a funny one - rose, lime and pepper? But it so works. I am not a fan of black pepper on my food, but I absolutely love it as a scent. The Molton Brown black and pink peppercorn scents for shower gels are some of my favourites. I just find it warm and comforting but a bit interesting at the same time.


August 03, 2014

When I spotted this wire rack on Out There Interiors, I knew I had to have it. Only problem? I had zero idea how to use it. It would look great in a kitchen or bathroom but those rooms in my new flat won't accommodate it as it's quite a sizeable item (if you live in London-sized quarters) and you'll soon see pics of my other rooms which will explain all.

The bedroom in the new flat is tiny in comparison to those we've been used to before and the sliding door opens up pretty much straight on to the bed so there wasn't much space for a traditional bedside table. The wire rack had found it's use.

 photo IMG_6924_zps6536bb36.jpg  photo IMG_6935_zps07fd1bc6.jpg  photo IMG_6936_zps3a0c5be3.jpg  photo IMG_6938_zps69c22027.jpg

It's beyond perfect because it takes up no floor space and yet has tons of space to pop bits and pieces. I just have to try and keep it tidy now which is going to be the tricky bit. Hope you love it as much as I do.

I'm off to have another peruse of OTI - check it out here, it's worth a nosey.