February 06, 2014

My feet are firmly back on London ground (rain? Check. Tube strike? Check) and now I can fill you in on my skiing trip to Chamonix. First things first, let's talk food. We were in France after all. We were there for one of our friend's birthdays and in honour of her birthday we did this...

 photo IMG_6190_zps18797d76.jpg  photo IMG_6194_zpsc280f250.jpg

That's right.. four cheese fondue (two French cheeses, two Swiss cheeses, cooked by a Parisian) followed by baked Camembert. Just in case one vat of cheese wasn't quite enough. That was then followed by... snail pâté and frogs legs pâté. We were really trying to French it up here.

 photo IMG_6195_zps436e163e.jpg

Well and truly stuffed, we curled up in front of the fire. This fire didn't go out the whole time we were there. Every morning the first to crawl out of bed would use the embers from the night before to get the fire going and keep it burning all day. I miss it so much.

Birthday macarons were on hand. Quite literally.

 photo IMG_6196_zpsc65ad716.jpg photo IMG_6198_zps768506a6.jpg photo IMG_6200_zpsc86161ed.jpg photo IMG_6203_zpsb39a8038.jpg

These are some very tired eyes, ready for a well-deserved 12 hour sleep!


  1. I absolutely love fondue. Just thought of eating all the yummy cheesy goodness by a fire makes me so incredibly jealous! x

    Emily | HONEY LOAF x

  2. Beautiful post! All the food looks lovely, especially the macarons! Hope you had a lovely time :)

    Jess xo

  3. Gorgeous photos as always. There's nothing like trying to pretend to be totally french whilst on a skiing trip. The food just forces you to do it.

  4. Gosh I'm drooling over all that cheese!

  5. Those macarons are huge haha! Sounds like a lovely time, the cheese fondue looks delicious (:

  6. That macaron is humongous! Woah!

  7. Well a whole post on delicious melted cheese has just left me seriously regretting my choice of healthy tea...

  8. Well that post of deliciously melty French cheese has just made my choice of tea tonight look pathetic! Great post x

  9. Just booked my skiing holiday, this is making me very excited!!