December 23, 2012


Some gorgeous new additions, mostly from The White Company that have been adding even more festive feeling to my home. I'm not sure where the little angel came from, my mum sent her to me in the post - she's very sweet.

Winter is one of my favourite festive candles, we burn them every year in my family home so it's a very comforting scent for me. My new sheepskin is one of my birthday pressies (yes, I turned 25 on Friday!) and I adore it. I've moved it now to the corner of the sofa for evening snuggling. It really is so gorgeous and I want more of them!


  1. Winter is one of my favourites scents, I have it burning right this second! I could definitely have my whole house kitted out with anything from The White Company, it's all gorgeous xx

  2. I hope that you had a nice 25th Lucy! Lovely new additions to your home too x

  3. i had a deep inhale of winter in the white company the other day and I am very tempted to invest..though christmas will be over so soon! do they bring it out every year?

  4. I love The White Company home fragrances. I think Pomegranate is my favourite! Though Winter is lovely too. x

  5. The White Company Winter is my favourite scent of the season - I got a candle last year but went the whole hog this time and bought everything I could get my hands on. Love your photos, they are really beautiful.