December 09, 2012

Christmas presents under the tree Silver Christmas candlesticks Twig heart Wooden mushrooms Photobucket Photobucket Christmas is my favourite time of year. The whole month of December I fully embrace the Christmas spirit and decorating my home is such an integral part of the process. My little tips:

- If you're quite new to doing Christmas in your own home, inheriting some decorations is a great way to get started as it can get quite expensive. We've inherited a lot of ours and with every year we replace the cheaper decorations with nicer ones.

- Our Christmas tree is cleverly drilled into a big chunk of wood meaning no mess at all. I'd very much recommend this if you can find one! Ours is from Royal College Street, London.

- As you can see, our theme is white, silver, green and brown. I love having a theme and this one is perfectly neutral.

- Put fairy lights wherever you can. We don't have a fireplace this year which I really miss so every other surface is covered in lights. It makes such a wonderful ambience when the lamps are turned off.

- Candles are essential. This NEOM one (Christmas Wish*) is a beautiful Christmas scent which fills our home even when it's not lit. Perfect!


  1. Love the decor! Especially the candle. xx

  2. the decoration looks so nice and classy. I like it!

    xx Vivi

  3. I can't wait to get home and get in the Christmassy spirit! Student houses never seem to get that feeling.

  4. LOVE the decor! and the colour combination is so chic :) xxx

  5. You have a very similar colour scheme to mine. I love the white and silver theme the most, had it last year and I've expanded it this year.

    That candle sounds gorgeous, I'd love to get one but not sure I can out here :(

    Hope you had a nice weekend hun :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at! :)

  6. Love the decor, especially the colour scheme x

  7. I love fairy lights! I put some on the head of my bed, I think with white ones you can keep them all year long :)

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  9. I am crazy for hammered silver, must get me some of those candle stick holders! Beautiful. Tree decorations are gorgeous too. TPS x

  10. Aw this is so lovely - I agree, candles are a must :)

    Lela -