December 02, 2012

I love having my brows done and fully accept that I'm awful at maintaining my own. I just lack the patience to do a good job so my brows never look great unless I make a real effort to have them done.

This week I tried out Billion Dollar Brows* for the first time. This is a brand that has come over from LA and has super-celeb fans. They use a clever little tool to measure where your brows should start, arch and end based on your face shape and then wax, tweeze, tint, pencil and powder them to absolute perfection.

I apologise for my post-work make-up and super pink post-wax face but I wanted to show you before and afters, taken by my lovely work colleague and beauty blogger Katie's Beauty Blog.

Photobucket Mine weren't actually tinted as there wasn't quite enough time but normally they would be. They cost £20-35 which I think is amazing value compared to HD Brows. You can get Billion Dollar Brows treatments at Kimantra in Islington (if you say you heard about Kimantra from my blog, they'll do the treatment for £20!) and BDB Brow Bar in Hitchin. BDB also do their own range and I've got some coming in the post, can't wait to play around with the products.

What do you think?


  1. Look fab ! I am googling to find a local salon as we speak.

    my friend shaved part of my eyebrows when I was really young and it had never recovered and like you I am rubbish at maintaining my own brows so this could be the answer to my prayers.

  2. Hi Danielle

    If you're on Twitter, send us a tweet and we'll locate your nearest salon for you. xx


  3. These look great. I've always wanted HD brows done but could never afford it, this may be worth trying if they come to the North

  4. They look fantastic x x x x new follower here :) x x

  5. Thank you for the mention lovely! <3 xxxxxxx

  6. Sounds great- Where can you get them done for £20-25 as Kimantra in Islington are charging £35 which is the same as HD :0(

    1. the maximum price is 35... however with going being recommend by Lucy they are charges as 20-25....

    2. You can have them done there at kimantra for 20-25 but the key is to say your going on lucys recommendation

  7. They look great! In terms of expensive eyebrow bars I only been to Benefit, but I didn't quite like the end result :/.