December 05, 2012

A question which the majority of women will have Googled at some point during their lifetime, 'how can I achieve the perfect blow dry?' The answer? Pay Michael at Windle & Moodie, Covent Garden to do it for you.

It was my first time at Windle & Moodie (mere moments from my office) and I was thoroughly impressed. My favourite bit was the wash - in a darkened room with a chair that was actually comfortable and someone who actually knows how to do a head massage. The ultimate relaxation!

My excuse for such a luxury? The DailyMix launch party which we hosted on Monday night. All the stress of party-planning was totally worth it as I think it went down well. Here's a photobooth snap from the night with two faces that may be familiar to you (Jim Chapman & Katie's Beauty Blog) - thought it was the best representation of my hair on the night. 

I'm now trying to justify a £41 blow dry* every other day for the rest of my life... 


  1. Your hair always looks amazing, but especially so here! What a lovely treat this would be every so often <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. £41? Ouch, but your hair does look fab! And think of the money you'd save on shampoo, conditioner...

  3. Is it bad I have never been to the salon for just a blow dry? I feel as though I should go and book an appointment immediately! My favourite part of getting my hair cut is having it washed! The experience without chopping off my length? Im in.

    Leanne @ xx

  4. Have you ever been to the blow dry bar in topshop? Its cheap and cheerful and they do some great styles for £20 xx

  5. Your hair looks lovely! Very bouncy!

    Gillian x